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Coaches Tip of the Week

Coaches Tip of the Week

Goal Setting (Part 1)

The most important part of our season here at the University of Louisville is when we sit down and we discuss and decide our goals.  It’s when we create our destination, our intentions for the season, and the direction for our journey. What we know is that successful people create a vision in their life, an idea of where they want to go and where they are headed. We understand that for us to move from where we are right now, we need some idea of where we want to go, and successful people create that vision.

Goal Setting (Part 2)

We previously talked about setting goals and setting a direction for your life, and then once you do it’s about writing them down. Writing them down on a piece of paper and keeping them in front of you has such power, and it is so important to see them on a regular basis. We recommend to our guys that they see them twice a day; when they wake up in the morning to set direction for the day, as well as when they go to bed at night. Because what we know is that your mind continues to work for the seven or eight hours while you are sleeping. That subconscious mind will work on whatever you see, heard, or read last. So we encourage them to see their goals before they go to bed at night.