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Player Development


Leadership is one of the most important qualities to have on the field. There are multiple different ways to lead, but every successful team has effective leaders at the helm. Watch Coach Lolla address campers on the importance of leadership both on and off the field. Coach Lolla also dives into not only the importance of a leader but defining what a leader is and examples of what a good leader does. Featured in this video are clips of the characteristics of leadership using Tim Tebow and his great run in Denver through challenges and adversity. 

 What Makes a Great Player

What differentiates the greatest players in the world from the rest? What qualities have they mastered? Great players are blessed with great talent, but that isn't all that makes them great. How do they develop their craft on the field? How are they smart enough to make the best pass to score? How does a great player know how to respond to different adjustments on field? Three areas in this video are discussed to make a good player great. These areas are life, the field and academics; without excelling in them you are not being the best you can be. Coach Lolla also talks about taking risks by putting yourself out there and giving it your all with no predetermined results. Coach challenges you to ask specific questions about yourself. Everyone wants to be a star, but what is your role in making a group a team? What are you doing off the field to make your purpose fullfilled? This video teaches you how to perfect your qualities and capabilities by knowing "who you are" and using that to reach your full potential. 

The Recruiting Process

Want to learn more about the recruiting process? Watch this lecture from University of Louisville coach Ken Lolla along with other collegiate coaches on what they look for in the recruiting process and more.