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Ken Lolla Corporate Speaking engagements

University of Louisville Head soccer coach Speaking Engagements: Corporate, Motivational, Life Skills.

Be inspired. Get motivated. Be challenged and encouraged in the game of life by University of Louisville head coach Ken Lolla.

Ken has been the keynote speaker for numerous business, soccer and community organizations, both locally and nationally. Some of them include Adidas America, Brown Forman, Montgomery Car Dealership, QK4 Engineering Company, Montrose Auto Group, the Zoom Group, Evangel World Prayer Center, Christian Academy of Louisville, North East Christian Church, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The Cabbage Patch, Louisville

Ken speaks to the folks at The Cabbage Patch Settlement House in Louisville on principles of leadership and development. 

Finding Your Gifts, St. Anthony's

Ken reads his children's book, Finding Your Gifts, to the children at St. Anthony's and talks with them about the importance of growing in faith. 

Home of the Innocents

Ken speaks at the 2013 graduation ceremony at the Louisville Home of the Innocents. 

University of Louisville MBA Program

Ken speaks on leadership to a group of German exchange students participating in the University of Louisville's MBA program. 

Southeast Christian Man Challenge

Ken addresses the men of Southeast Christian Man Challenge on the relationship between success and God's teachings. Within the lecture, he addresses the power of association, the importance of being a constant learner, and principles to becoming a better man in everyday life.