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Finding Your Gifts

Ken Lolla is the author of Finding Your Gifts, a timeless tale of a compassionate boy and his friend that highlights the importance of finding and growing your own gifts while also recognizing and celebrating the gifts in others.  This beautifully illustrated book will inspire and captivate both children and adults.

Enjoy this captivating story about a young boy, a giraffe and his jungle animal soccer teammates. This marvelous tale will win your heart and rejuvenate your spirit as the compassion of a young boy teaches a powerful and convicting life lesson. You and your family will be inspired to find your gifts.

This book is published in a small and large illustrated book.

Finding Your Gift


Passing It On: A Coaching Philosophy for Youth Soccer

Ken also wrote Passing It On, This informative book is written to guide and direct coaches to effectively conduct training for youth players. This is a set of two manuals that includes the philosophical basis for instructing youth players, elements of a successful training as well as exercises to bring out the best in young players. This set is a helpful tool for those who are new or recently started coaching youth teams. The YMCA uses it as a guide for their volunteer soccer coaches.

Passing It On  Guide.jpg
Passing It On Coaching Philiosphy.jpg
Passing It On

Attacking Soccer

Attacking Soccer, edited by Jay Miller, is a book that emphasizes the attacking principles in training a soccer team. 


Ken authored the chapter, “Attacking through the Midfield”, which provides insights on how to develop and execute an effective attack through midfield play. Also includes favorite drills so that you can practice the same attacking skills used by elite players.

Attacking Soccer
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