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Sowing a Seed into Passing It On Academy

Mission: To utilize the platform of men's college soccer, to develop leaders, who will positively impact their teams, family, community and our society, while growing as disciples in their walk with God.


Vision: To equip, engage and empower elite players in college soccer, by participating in a two-week, intensive program with follow-up meetings; focusing on their development as soccer players, leaders, and Godly disciples.


The two-week program will involve twenty-five of the best players and leaders in college soccer.  The program will be conducted the last two weeks of July, in preparation for the college season.  Development will be driven through high level soccer training, educational sessions (specific for leadership development), as well as a discipleship component, designed to enhance each person’s faith.  Also implemented into the program, will be a local community outreach experience.


In addition, there will be scheduled follow-up zoom meetings for the participants, throughout the year, to promote further teaching from their experiences, as well as, to create a stronger network of supportive discipleship associations.  All participants will have ongoing access to the staff, for their continued growth and development.


The location will be in Charlotte, NC, and will be associated with Elevation Church.  By having proximity to a church community, we will have the ability to provide a valuable connection to resources and people, that will amplify the discipleship experience during the two weeks.  Furthermore, we will incorporate the participants into the weekly events at Elevation Church.

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